Photos with your brand and message on them are the advertising of the social media age. Watermark It makes it easy to create the photos.

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How to add a logo to a photo in under a minute

What is Watermark It?

Watermark It LITE makes it easy to

  • Add text to photos
  • Protect your content
  • Share your branded photos on leading sharing sites.

Watermark It PRO also makes it easy to

  • Add your brand image to photos
  • Put your photo, or multiple photos, on a background
  • Save text, like your url or contact information, for easy use in the future
  • Add banners to your photos like Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary.



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  1. jannene

    Hi, quick question is there any easy way to add a watermark to several photos at one time? For example if you had a folder with 8 photos you wanted to watermark all together instead of having to do them individually, which takes longer as you have to go back and restart then find the folder again and do each individual photo one at a time…

    hope this makes sense, i love the app, very easy to use but it would be great if you could do multiple watermarks at one time, given they were in the same folder etc..

    Many thanks

    1. BestBranding

      Hi. At this time, Watermark It adds watermarks and logos to one photo at a time. This is a great idea and we completely agree that the app needs to do a better job in this area. We will find ways to either make it easier to add items to multiple images at the same time or at least make it simpler to pull up the next image from the same folder. Thank you for using Watermark It and watch for improvements in this area on the next update.

  2. Lerouge-Bénard

    Comment peut on garder un texte (ex: “propriété privée” ) a mettre souvent sur des photos a envoyer ?merci !

    1. BestBranding

      Salut. La première étape consiste à créer le texte que vous voulez dans l’outil Texte. Lorsque le texte est comme vous le souhaitez, touchez l’icône Enregistrer en bas à droite. Cela permettra d’économiser de l’image dans le dossier Upload; Folder 15 sur l’écran “Images”. Lorsque vous souhaitez utiliser ce texte à nouveau, il suffit de toucher dossier 15 (il a un “+” sur celle-ci) et choisissez l’image de texte à partir des images enregistrées.

  3. Sophia

    Hi I agree with jannene…if you can Acess the photos from the same folder….as I have to keep logging out and going back in to watermark the rest of the pics and I got 100 odd-lol….I’ll be at it for 2 days….
    Please do something….

    1. BestBranding

      We have an update that should be out next week that will have a button on the last screen to go back to the beginning. We are investigating our options for choosing multiple images and processing them at the same time.

  4. Nieves

    Donde están las firmas que guardo? Gracias!!

    1. BestBranding

      Ellos están en la carpeta de carga que es la carpeta 15 en la pantalla de imágenes.

  5. Bjoern

    I import my watermark image and wonder if there is a way to downscale it easily without accidentally rotating it.
    It’s hard to not have it change rotation by a few degrees when you pinch it with two fingers to reduce size.
    Maybe an orientation lock or ‘straighten’ function?

    1. BestBranding

      At this time, the only way for users to downscale an item is by using their fingers. We are investigating alternative ways to orient the watermark to have it “straighten” out. Thank you for the idea.

  6. Trent

    Adding a logo does it have to have a black background or anything like other watermark apps i have a logo i made in powerpoint with no fill background just wondering if it would show up as a white background?

    1. BestBranding

      Hi. The logo appears like the saved watermark image. For a transparent background, the file type is typically a .png filetype saved from Photoshop with a transparent background.

  7. Janine

    It’s fab!

  8. Randy

    How do you get the watermark logo off “WATERMARK” after you put on your own ?

    1. BestBranding

      This was a mistake in the Lite version and was removed in the last update. We apologize for the inconvenience this caused many of our customers.

  9. Lisa

    How do I make the font smaller & can it be placed at the bottom, rather than the middle of the picture?

    1. BestBranding

      There are two ways to make the font smaller in Watermark It. When creating the text, touch the Font button on the bottom control bar. This will open the font and size selector wheels. Touch the Font button again and the wheels will disappear. When you are done creating the text image, touch the Next arrow.

      The text image will now appear on the image and should be highlighted with a red glow. The glow indicates that the image is selected and can be sized and positioned on the image using your fingers. Just move it, stretch, turn it and change the size until it is what you want. Then tap the screen and the glow will turn off and the text position will be fixed. To move it again, touch the image and the glow will appear and the image will be ready to move.

  10. Mark Matt

    I really want to streamline the photo taking and watermarking process

    At min, it should remember my last watermark settings and give a one-click option to use.
    ideally I can save a variety of presets… say the number keys 1-9 each represent a previously saved setting
    last idea.. instead of presets, maybe just remember the prior watermark and just tapping a corner moves it to a predetermined corner offset.

    1. BestBranding

      This is a great idea. We have included a new repeat function in both PRO and the Lite in-app purchase. It will repeat the settings and images used on the last photo.

  11. BestBranding

    Watermark It does not include a facility to create a graphics watermark but does include the ability to make a text watermark using the Text tool. This tool has lots of different fonts which are accessible by touching the Font button on the bottom control bar. Also, colors can be changed for both the fill and the border of the fonts using the color tool on the control bar. Once a text image is created, it can be saved by touching the Save icon. It is then saved as an image and can be recalled from Folder 15 in the Images section.

    Watermark It doesn’t currently include the ability to Watermark multiple images at one time. We are looking into options to either do this for a future update but we have not finished our investigation.

    It is possible to use multiple images or watermarks in Watermark It. To do so, choose the first image and position it and then choose the second image. If you want to combine a text image with the images included in the app, create the text first and then add the images from the folders.

    Anytime you want to reposition an image, tap it so that it is highlighted with a red glow. In that state, it can be resized or repositioned. When it is where you want, tap anywhere else on the screen and the red glow will turn off indicating that the position and size are fixed. And if you want to tweak it again, just tap it on again.

  12. Melissa

    My app won’t continue after a certain point. Once I hit the arrow to go to the next page to position my watermark, it automatically goes to my home screen on my phone. I’ve tried to delete the app and download it again, and that doesn’t work. Please help!!!

    1. BestBranding

      We have released an update that should resolve this issue.

  13. Perry Adkisson

    I’ve noticed that after using watermark and saving the picture it is always saves as a lower quality image. I love this app but as one who runs an Internet based business the higher the quality photo the better the response.

    1. BestBranding

      This issue was addressed in our last update. Our next update which is due out within two weeks will make additional improvements; most notably to the text bubbles. Enjoy.

  14. Ian Westwood

    I paid today for using this product. Someone looking at it has got me confused. They said it only pays for one use and I will be charged for each use so if I do one hundred pictures I will charged over a hundred pounds. Can you clarify please.

    1. BestBranding

      They aren’t right. Once you own the app, you can use it as much as you want with no other charges. Have fun.

  15. Fred

    Why does this app reduce the image sharpness when used?

    I would like to email you the before and after

    1. BestBranding

      We have submitted an update to Apple that will dramatically improve the output resolution. It should be approved within the next week.

  16. Sheri

    i have a logo that is a png file with a transparent background. I saved the image on my iPad but when I try to add it on a photo a white background shows up. But my husband did it on his computer and the background was transparent. I always use my iPad to post pics to social media so I’d like to know how I can do this from my iPad and have the background transparent?

    1. BestBranding

      Hi. There is a quirk in Apple that if you upload the logo directly from your computer, the Apple software will turn your background to white. This does not happen when you email it to yourself as an attachment. So as odd as it may sound, email the finished logo to yourself and save the attachment to your iPad.

      And if you use that image all the time, check out Folder 15 in Images. You can upload your logo to that folder so it will always be readily available.

      Finally, stay tuned for the next update in about 10 days. It will have much better text bubbles and the ability to make postcards and greeting cards and mail them anywhere in the world.

      Thank you for your business,

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